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You can’t tell the story of Case Productions without first introducing its founder and Managing Director Selim Kemahli; Selim has always thrived on a challenge, be it competing for the Camel Trophy through the jungles of Borneo, climbing Mount Everest, Ice climbing whilst filming in Antarctica and even filming from inside a live volcano in Kamchatka. You get the picture. He loves an adventure. Have a drink with him and you’ll soon realize that he gets just as much pleasure from telling colourful stories about his exploits. He’s a real storyteller.

So, how best could he combine these two passions? Well, by founding a production company that specializes in filming extreme sports and crafting all of the action into thrilling stories for broadcast and online. Flash forward and Case Productions has gone from one person to a full international crew with offices in LA, Dubai, Istanbul and London. They have been bringing sports to the masses for over 25 years, be it through live television, live streaming, highlights shows, documentaries, or web content as well as distributing much of it globally in-house.

..and Selim? He’s still adventuring – ask him to tell you about the time he entered a slalom ski competition to film a P.O.V shot and ended up winning the thing!

Case Productions

Case Productions are a multi award winning full service television production company. We pride ourselves in our ability to handle anything from large outdoor broadcast operations to small scale intimate events and we put our absolute all into everything we do. We can be a one-stop shop for all of your video and distribution needs but equally, if all you want is a promo for your website or social pages, we can do that – nothing is too big or too small for us.

Case Productions

The array of what we offer is extensive and with a vast range of our own equipment as well as trusted equipment suppliers and crew all around the world, we can scale up or down to suit any budget or requirement anywhere in the world. We’re the Official Production House for a whole host of World Championships, providing live coverage and highlights shows for broadcast and live streams for online. We also produce documentaries, commercials and digital content for global brands including Red Bull whom we work with across most of territories.

Case Productions

Case Productions has a history of pushing boundaries. To give you an idea; we’ve filmed the world’s highest base jump from Mount Everest, the first base jump from Mount Kilimanjaro and the first ever wingsuit flight into a live volcano. We’ve also filmed the likes of David Coulthard performing donuts on the helipad of the iconic Burj Al Arab in Dubai and have run a Formula 1 car on top of the Himalayas at an altitude of over 6000 meters as well as across the Jordanian desert over 400 meters below sea level. In short, if you want to film a ‘one shot wonder’ fraught with risk, we’re the ones to call.

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Case Productions

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